“Tell me about yourself” interview question (with answers)

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In job interviews, few questions are as fundamental yet potentially daunting as "Tell me about yourself." It's often the opening salvo in the interview process, and how you respond can set the tone for the entire conversation.

UnoJobs, a leading company in the industry, has provided valuable insights on tackling this common job interview question effectively.

The "Tell me about yourself" query is your opportunity to showcase your suitability for the job, share your career path, and align your skills and experience with the company's needs.

This comprehensive article will guide you through crafting the perfect response, handling common follow-up questions, and ensuring a successful interview preparation. UnoJobs understands the importance of asking this question and provides a blueprint to help you excel in your next interview.

"Tell Me About Yourself"

The "Tell me about yourself" question may seem straightforward, but it's a pivotal moment in the interview process. How you respond demonstrates your communication skills, self-awareness, and ability to connect your experience with the company's requirements and culture. UnoJobs recognizes that a well-constructed answer can lead you to success.

Crafting a Winning Response

So, how should you craft the perfect response to this common interview question? UnoJobs offers a sample answer to help you get started:

"Sure, I'd be happy to. I've spent the last [number of years] working in [your previous roles], where I've [mention a significant achievement or role]. In my current role at [current company], I've been responsible for [mention your main responsibilities]. I've always enjoyed working in [your field] and am excited to bring my skills and experience to UnoJobs.

As for my background, I graduated with a degree in [your field] from [your university] and have steadily built my career in [your industry]. I'm particularly proud of my work on [mention a project or accomplishment] at [current company]. It allowed me to [mention a challenge you overcame or a skill you honed].

Regarding my career path, I've always been drawn to [your field] and have held various positions in [your industry]. I've been in [mention leadership roles or specific job roles] that have given me valuable experience in [mention skills relevant to the job you're interviewing for]."

Dos and Don'ts for Crafting Your Response

To enhance your response to the "Tell me about yourself" question, UnoJobs recommends the following dos and don'ts:


  • Tailor Your Response: Customize your answer to align with the job role and the company's values. Emphasize relevant experiences and skills for the job.
  • Keep It Professional: While making your response engaging is important, maintain a professional tone throughout. Focus on your professional journey, not your personal life.
  • Share Achievements: Highlight key achievements and skills demonstrating your ability to excel. Use examples to clarify your points.
  • Express Enthusiasm: Show your excitement about the opportunity to work with UnoJobs. Let the interviewer know why you're genuinely interested in the company and the role.
  • Practice Your Delivery: Rehearse your response beforehand, either with a trusted friend, through a mock interview or by recording yourself. This will help you convey confidence during the actual interview.


  • Avoid Personal Information: Steer clear of sharing personal details, such as your family, hobbies, or unrelated anecdotes. It's important to emphasize your professional experience and keep the focus on it.
  • Don't Ramble: Be concise and to the point. A long, meandering response can lose the interviewer's interest. Aim for a response that's around two minutes long.
  • Skip Your Career Path: Your career path is important, so don't neglect it. Share your professional journey. Inspire others.

Handling Common Follow-Up Questions

Once you've tackled the "Tell me about yourself" question, you can expect follow-up questions that dive deeper into your experience and skills. Some of the most common queries that people ask:

What are your biggest challenges or achievements in your current or previous roles?

UnoJobs advises you to be prepared with specific examples of challenges and how you've overcome them. Similarly, share notable achievements relevant to the job you're interviewing for.

What are your salary expectations?

When discussing salary expectations, research the average salary for the position and provide a salary range that is reasonable and aligns with your skills and experience.

How do you handle stressful situations or tight deadlines?

UnoJobs recommends sharing a scenario where you successfully managed stress or tight deadlines in your previous roles. Highlight your problem-solving skills and your ability to stay composed under pressure.

Are you a team player?

To address questions about your teamwork skills, provide examples of projects or situations where you collaborated effectively with colleagues. Stress the importance of working cohesively to achieve common goals.

UnoJobs's Advice on Interview Preparation

In addition to your responses to common interview questions, effective interview preparation is crucial. UnoJobs offers the following tips to ensure you're ready to impress during your interview:

  • Research UnoJobs: Familiarize yourself with UnoJobs, its company culture, values, and recent developments. Tailor your responses to demonstrate your alignment with the company's mission.
  • Prepare a List of Questions: UnoJobs reminds you to prepare a list of questions for the interviewer. Inquiring about the company's values, future goals, and expectations for the role can demonstrate your keen interest.
  • Conduct a Mock Interview: Practicing your interview skills with a mock interview can help you identify areas for improvement and boost your confidence.
  • Know Your Resume: Be ready to discuss the experiences, skills, and accomplishments listed on your resume. UnoJobs recommends reviewing your resume to ensure you can speak fluently about your career.
  • Be On Time: Punctuality is vital. UnoJobs advises arriving early or logging into the virtual interview platform a few minutes before the scheduled time.

In Conclusion

The "Tell me about yourself" question may be common, but it is a crucial gateway to the rest of the interview process. A thoughtful and engaging response can set you on the path to interview success.

With UnoJobs's guidance on dos and don'ts, sample answers, and interview preparation, you'll be well-equipped to impress your interviewer and secure the desired opportunity. Remember to be yourself, showcase your enthusiasm, and align your skills with the company's needs. Good luck in your upcoming interviews!